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This wiki site is under construction and will serve as the main communication forum around the InGOS proposal. In this phase the wiki is private, i.e. for invitation only. Whenever the proposal will end up as a funded project the wiki will be opened for the public!


There is a big need to support and integrate the observing capacity of Europe on non-CO2 greenhouse gases. The emissions of these gases are very uncertain and it is unknown how future climate change will feedback into these (mainly land use coupled) emissions. The infrastructure project will work on standardizing the measurements, strengthen the existing observation sites into supersites, capacity building in new member states, and prepare for integration of the network with other networks already in place or currently being set up (e.g. ICOS). Attribution of source categories by using advanced isotope techniques and data-assimilation methods using high resolution transport model will be an integral part of the network to allow design and evaluation of the measurements and will link the network to remote sensing data and bottom up inventory developments.

The first draft description can be found in this document.

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